Has anyone seen Yu Aida? In person

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Has anyone seen Yu Aida? In person Empty Has anyone seen Yu Aida? In person

Post by 4point2mortar on Wed 31 Jan 2018 - 11:23

Well I reckon most of you here from North America or from Europe??

I live in close to Japan but I've never been there( ashamed)

In around 2011?? I heard there would be a book signing meeting of Aida absolutely in Japan by Natalie tv or something...

but I lost track to get even any pictures of it

and my interest in GSG had faded.......

And recently I re-ran through whole episodes..... and wanted to know more about GsG.... what has been prograssing
while I wasn't around but still I don't see Aida's picture. I can only know he became 40 this year checking his twitter

and his real name is Yutaka Aida



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Has anyone seen Yu Aida? In person Empty Re: Has anyone seen Yu Aida? In person

Post by Thescarredman on Wed 31 Jan 2018 - 12:06

I've never seen a picture of GsG's creator, he's more than a little reclusive.


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