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Post by Pax on Fri 19 Jul 2013 - 1:15

So, my muse is crazy, always giving me ideas... to the point of me having a new one to share every time I log in to the chatroom. I would love to write all of them, but time is a bit of a bitch with my schedule, so, after a bit being prodded, I've decided to just share them here, and add more as they bombard me. Even some intro's/drabbles for the ones that stuck in my head for especially long periods of time.

Gunslinger Girl/Boondock saints crossover
My original idea stemmed from the short scene where the Pope chastises both sides involved in the New Turin arc for a few pannels. What if he rescued the SWA from its grim fate by throwing around whats left of the Roman Catholic Churches political power in the 21st century? What if that happened shortly after Connor and Murphy MacManus had been freed from Hoag, along with Romeo by the Pope to bring their justice to the world?

Into, very rough tennatively calling this one "In the Service of his Holiness" if I ever get to it:

Paul Maximilain Smecker sat in his office in the Vatican, and quietly fumed. The sheer incompetence of the agency he had finally inherited now that the Popes acquisition had been made official was... criminal. There was no other word for it. One of Europols brightest rising stars dead, his protege just recently coming out of a week long medically induced coma to see to her wounds. That and the damage her brain had suffered... all of the cyborgs brains had suffered from the prolonged conditioning medication exposure. Several dead from that alone, a few more “dead” on the operating table to cover for the vices of some of the doctors working there. Luckily, the Roman Catholic church was a large enough organization to easily replace the imminent losses. He had sent the Boys, fresh out of Hoag as of three days ago to the SWA complex to clean house. In fact they should be back any moment now.

The door wasn’t opened so much as thrown from its hinges. First in was a terrified looking director Lorenzo, followed by a bloody Connor and Murphy McManus; Romeo waiting silently by the door, and just as bloody. “Why cant we kill this sack of shit again Smecker?” Connor demands, his voice drowning out the soft classical music that had moments before filled the office.

Because, we still need him. He knows how the Agency works, so he gets a reprieve, and a shot at redemption until I'm ready to take over for him... and His Popieness ordered he not be killed outright with the rest of the corruption in the Agency.” Smecker replies calmly, not even bothering to lean forward in his chair.

Why would I need to be killed?” Lorenzo stutters out, still in shock from having seen nearly half of his staff executed so soon after the Pope had supposedly saved them all by taking the SWA under his control.

Because your doctors were killing your patients, and you sent children off to die. Willingly.” Murphy spits into the still kneeling mans ear.

That, the pedophiles, and your criminal mismanagement of not only talent, but the agency as a whole.” Smecker continues “Victor Hartmann, who was, and still would be a cornerstone of the agency, and Europol beforehand dead. Jean Crorce, one of the best marksmen and intelligence agents Italy has seen in generations will be lucky to survive as a cripple. His younger brother, who had been fast on his brothers heels along the military police track will be in counseling for all of the mental baggage he picked up working under you for months... don’t even get me started on either mans partner.” Smecker rises from his chair to begin circling Lorenzo “Then there’s Bernardo back in an alcoholic downward spiral, Marco Togni's emotional death makes him about as useful as the drunkard I just mentioned. Agent Petrushkas been verified pregnant as of three days ago, and her majority wont roll around for another six months... plus with the relapse of her condition from before her cybernization calls into question whether she'll even be around to raise the poor kid. And thats only the abuse thats been heaped on your star fratello. The less productive ones are in even sorrier shape as a whole.”

I... I didnt know... I was doing the best I could.” Lorenzo mumbles, clearly not even registering the pair of handguns to the back of his head anymore. “And, why did you even mention those cyborgs, their lifespan is nearly at its end as it is.”

Ah yes, we move from the mismanagement of talent to the agency as a whole, Sub-director Lorenzo” Smecker drawls out “Your head of medical staff had been informed on multiple occasions that the brainwashing portions of the conditioning cocktail had only been meant to be used as a crutch to help facilitate the transfer from child to government agent. The same goes for the anti-rejection meds. I had to put every cyborg that’s been active for more than six months into a medically induced coma to get them fully detoxified. The man was on the take from the Prime Minister to keep the agency too week to ever pose a real threat to the status quo, and you were too damn STUPID to notice it. And you were the head of a damned Intelligence and ASSASSINATION AGENCY!!” Smecker continues to rant, becoming increasingly animated and agitated, launching himself from his seat, which crashes to the ground behind him.

Sub-commander? I'm being demoted?” Lorenzo stutters out, still in shock.

Techinically the same rank as Papal Agent Bloom, if it makes ya feel any better.” Romeo inserts as Connor shoves his handgun into the back of Lorenzos head to silence him.

Smecker wheels about to point an accusatory finger at the kneeling man “And then, theres the fact that from the start of the Christiano/Pinnochio, Franca/Franko incident every single major setback, failure and loss could have been easily avoided or prevented. INCLUDING the mess at that bell tower and the total Clusterfuck at New Turin that his Holiness was smart enough to save your agency from its own damn GOVERNMENT at the end of. So yes, your being demoted, and, once I satisfy our new boss that I have fully stepped into my new role at the helm of this agency, executed for your sins.” the room falls to near silence as the soft classical music again becomes audible. This persists for a few moments as Smecker goes about fixing his hair and cloths, until his phone beeps. “Get this scum out of here. I dont want my next appointment to have to see him boys.

A few minutes after The Saints hauled Lorenzo out of his office, Eunice Bloom walks in, gently supporting a shaky-legged Treilla, her eyes still red-ringed and shrink-wrapped with moisture. “Special Agent Hartmann, please, have a seat.”

Sp-Special agent?” the tanned cyborg asks shakilly as Eunice helps her to her seat. “Hartmann?”

I took the liberty of fixing your papers to properly reflect how important he was to you. Unless you would rather be listed as the widowed Miss Hartmann, that is.” Triella blushes furiously, and begins to sputter “I thought so. Besides, that would make things even harder to explain at his funeral, which I had delayed for you. He was a great man, and I'm ashamed to say that I only was able to work with him on one occasion before the SWA spirited him away.”

I, Thank you.” Triella manages after pausing to regain her composure as best she can. “But, Special Agent? Hartmann?”

Smecker nods “Nominally, it puts you on the same rank as a Handler, though you wont be getting any cyborg partner. And that was Hillshires birth name, going with his assumed name would cause too many awkward issues when your Stateside for a job.”

Why?” the cyborg asks, still incredibly confused.

Your a smart girl Triella. If you learned even half of what Victor had to teach you, your more than up to the job I have in mind for you..” Smecker continues.

The young cyborgs brain seems to shake off some of the dust, and gears quickly begin to turn behind her red-rimmed, bloodshot eyes, moments later a clear blank is drawn, and she asks “And that job will be?”

The investigative brains behind the Saints of South Bostons upcoming world tour. They'll be a long way from home and known contacts, so it will be up to you to get them past the names of who it is that needs a bit of divine punishment.” Smecker replies smoothly, showing not even a hint of doubt in his choice as he begins the explanation.

I'll be the handler for a pair of... adults?” Triella asks, confused.

Partner to Paladins Connor and Murphy MacManus. They’ve both been canonized, but the public hasnt been made aware of that any more than they have been of the truth behind this agency. Whether or not Special Agent Romeo Rivera will remain part of the team will be a group decision after your first three missions.”

Alternately, the Saints as handlers, temporary allies, or even targets buzzed through my mind, but the first idea is the one that really grabbed me.

 Gunslinger Girl/Stargate SG1 crossover
What if it was Italy, not Russia that ended up with a Stargate of its own in the episode "Watergate" (Season 4, ep 7), and, after some politicing, the SWA ends up with the gate under the agreement that they will work with SGC for three(?) years to get used to the galactic political waters. I dont have an intro written up for this one, but I do have some crazy ideas that include, but arent limited too Thor "fixing" the cyborgs so that they can mature/wont die young as a form of thanks for some crazy bit of heroics one of the cyborgs pulls off. A cyborg being infected with a goa'uld symbiote, either terrifying, or maybe the conditioning meds allow the cyborg to subvert the snake eventually. A cyborg ascending, and having cake and coffee with Daniel Jackson in the diner he frequents when ascended.

Gunslinger Girl/Hellsing/Supernatural crossover
The SWA was never interested in politics. It exists as Italys secular response to the Vampiric, Demonic, Magical and otherwise Supernatural threats of the world. The Crorce Brothers still want Giacomo Dante dead for the same reasons the do in cannon, but he is a terrifyingly powerful sorceror or some shit, not a terrorist. Flack between the SWA and Section XIII Iscariot due to differences in operational policy and source of funding, shaky alliances of necesity with the Hellsing organization. Fratello almost constantly being sent to the US due to all the shit that the Winchester brothers stir up. Once again, I dont have anything written down, but whenever I go on a kick that involves either of the latter two parts of this crossover or something related to it, this one bounces around my head relentlessly.

Gunslinger Girl/Neon Genesis Evangelion
The cyborgs of NERV section 2 Security are a busy, stressed out group. Either paired with the Children that pilot the EVAs as Fratello/Sorellos to keep the most "vital" aspects of the war against the Angels safe, or working clandestinely in adult/child fratello/sorello teams against SEELE in Gendo Ikari's secret war to save humanity from the madness of a handful of insane old men. Nothing written down again, but this one just kinda bit me and latched on.

Gunslinger Girl/Batman crossover
This one got tossed around the chat room quite a bit the other day. bruce Wayne donating to and later funding the SWA after saving it by moving it to Gotham was my original idea. Batman coming to blows with the SWA was what we ended up thinking was more plausible do to idealogy, lots of craziness and twisty bridges to faculitate a meeting there. The Pengiun being a Padania backer was tossed in as a method to get the SWA in Gotham, not Batman in Itally a bit. The Joker got used as a lubricant for co-operation between the Caped Crusader and our favorite Murder Midgets... for a larger DC comicverse crossover, or DC/Marvell comicverse crossover if your insanely ambitions Dante could be keeping other heroes to busy to help Batman in Italy if need be. My muse still wants Triella and Batgirl competing to see which girl can kick the most ass in the nighttime streets of Gotham though.

Rockslinger Girl
This one just bit me earlier today, and I can only really describe it as equal perts K-On!, Blues Brothers, and Gunslinger Girl. There is no SWA, just a poor orphanage in a shady part of Rome that just happens to house all of the main gen 1 fratello characters (maybe aged up by a year or two and age normalized by a bit for plausibility) from cannon GSG. There are no cyborgs, no horrific backgrounds, just a bunch of girls with no family who live together in the same orphanage/boarding school. Wandering the streets one day after class they stubmle into an unlocked garage loaded up with all the necessities for a rock band: amps, mics, two electric guitars, a baas guitar, a keyboard/synthesizer, a drumset, and a note reading "Our band flopped, and broke up, if you find this, your free to use it to start your own. May your luck be better than ours." As it turns out, Henrietta can play a mean guitar, Rico can keep a hell of a beat, Angelica is more than just pretty damn good on the baas, Claes is gold on the keyboard, and Triella has a great singing voice in addition to being a passable guitarist. A few months later they overhear that the orphanage that as been the only home they knew for the past 15(?) years for the youngest of them will be closed down by the government in three months time. They go on a BLues Brothers style unnending concert tour to save their orphanage, their cannon handlers slowly joining on as orphanage staff turned band managers/support staff as the tour goes on. I have a drabble for this one, would probably be in about the middle of the story

"I assigned the assorted rockstar afflictions that get to the girls in this drabble more or less as they hit my head as they hit my head, please dont skin me alive for it:
"Welcome back to MTV news! todays big story is the announcement by the band the Rockslingers that their now five year long tour has come to an end." the announcer begins as the commercial break ends.

"Fear not Rockslinger fanatics, as frontgirl Triella announced in responce to the calls for an encore after what will be their last concert in a while ended after they preformed covers of Tenacious D's "The Road" followed by Theory of a Deadmans "What was I Thinking" that they are only ending the tour to spend time in a studio to write their own songs, as opposed to continuing to play solely cover-songs" the other anchor adds.

"Still the news comes as a shock, as the tour continued despite the many unsavory rumors about the band members that have spread and dissapated over the years" the first continues.

"Those rumors including, but not limited too keyboardist Claes' violent tendancies leaving her hands too damaged to play properly for the next days show..."

"Bassist Angelicas rumored drug addiction issues..."

"Several midnight tour-bus stops at abortion clinics, for the benefit of Lead guitarist Henrietta or the Drummer Rico, or both depending on who you ask..."

"Arguments and fights between the same two leaving both concussed for several shows..."

And frontgirl Triella's rumored issues with alcoholism related to the stress of keeping the band from falling apart." the hosts of the newscast riff off each other, not missing a beat as they read from the teleprompter.

"Of course, all of these rumors are unproven, and the bands PR director Jose Crorce decries every last one of the rumors as outrageous, shameless slander."

"If you are wondering why we have no last names for Rock and Rolls current generation of heart-throb rocker-girls it would be the same Jose Crorce you have to blame."

"And his peer, Claudio Raballo is the reason the media has not been able to take any word but Crorces on the matter... or gleam even the slightest clue as to where this musical powerhouse stormed onto the stage from half a decade ago... where they will presumably be returning to to craft their very first studio album." the alternating report continues briskly and professionally.

"Of course, many hope that the vast library of songs they have covered over the years as they moved from somewhat rebellions rocker teens to fully mature rock goddesses, will be albumized as well."

I would have the girls playing rock/classic metal if I had the time to do this story, but thats just what I know/like, heh. I would have it be a realistic take on what would happen if you dumped a bunch of teenage girls into the life of rockstars constantly on tour to go with that. Of course they could just as easily be written playing more stereotypical songs and full fluff, and the effects of the hormones any teenage kid goes through is on a slider the author controls... yea, this one is my muse's most recent bit of madness, really burnin up my brain, heh.

 *pant pant pant*
I have alot of other non-gsg ideas but I think I should put those in a separate post if anyones interested in them. I'll probably have drabbles/intros for all of these uploaded eventually though, heh. Skin me, ignore me, take what I have and run with it, I dont care all that much, just felt like sharing.


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