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Post by MP5 on Fri 25 Jan 2013 - 19:20

I should probably write up Ilyana and Dimitri, heh.


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Post by MP5 on Sun 27 Jan 2013 - 21:25

[Daisy Richards]
RB Intelligence Analyst

Physical Description: 28 years old, 5'6", lean and muscular build from years of farm work. Growing up working the land in the Dixie sun has given her otherwise fair skin a notable shade of tan to complement her blonde hair. Generally likes to dress more on the casual side, consisting usually of comfortable khakis and denim jeans paired with a short-sleeved button-up shirt and flats or sneakers.

Background: Born to a farming family in rural North Carolina, Daisy spent most of her childhood and adolescence working the land with her family. As the baby sister to three elder brothers, this life practically required her to keep up with them, which meant learning how to drive stick, use tools to build and repair things, ride a horse, help farm animals give birth, and use a firearm responsibly. While Daisy proved herself adept at all these tasks, life in the sticks got boring, and was wondering what to do aside from live and work on the farm after school was done with when she took interest in the field of law enforcement. Rather than start out in a mere police department, however, she applied to join the FBI as soon as she was out of college. She soon became a Special Agent attached to the FBI Counterterrorism Division and was soon assigned to a long-running case investigating a link between the Irish Mob and the IRA terrorist movement in Ireland. Much of her work consisted of sitting behind a desk and trying to put pieces of a fairly large puzzle together, but when it was time to move, Daisy joined the rest of her team in donning body armor and chambering rounds into weapons to go perform a raid when it was deemed appropriate to move on a meeting or gathering of high-priority targets. However, she was usually on the outer edge of the action, standing by on the perimeter or securing the point of entry, rarely ever having to pull the trigger of her weapon except in the case of a few shots required to disable a fleeing vehicle.

During one such raid in Philadelphia, however, a departure from normal occurred when within seconds of raiding a gathering of Irish Mob lieutenants and IRA operatives, much of Daisy's team was quickly incapacitated and while FBI HRT would be on the scene in seconds, only she and a few other agents were available to provide immediate backup. She went in with a partner, hoping to extract or at least cover their downed teammates while HRT came in to support them. While searching for her teammates, she encountered a teenaged redheaded girl who in turn had encountered one of her downed teammates and was keeping pressure on a serious wound. While Daisy attempted to get the girl to leave while preparing to extract her teammate, one of the targets of the raid got the drop on Daisy and attempted to coerce her into surrender. Before Daisy could respond, the young girl charged the target, disarmed him, and knocked him unconscious faster than the FBI agent could comprehend. However, she was preoccupied with extracting her teammate, and when she looked up again, the girl who had saved her from being shot or worse had disappeared, having been replaced by incoming HRT officers coming to her aid and securing the suspect.

In the days to follow, Daisy would be consumed with finding the truth behind who that little girl was, why she was there, and how she was able to perform such superhuman feats. With her superiors concerned about the state of her mental health after the botched raid, she was placed on paid leave for 2 weeks. During this period of time, she was approached by the same girl she met during the raid in addition to her partner, who identified himself as Aurelio Zenigata. The three of them sat down for lunch and had discussed the raid on the meet between the Irish Mafia and representatives from the Irish Replublican Army, revealing the fact that both the FBI and Aurelio's group had been working the same case-- both parties were particularly interested in pursuing the presence of the IRA on American soil, though the FBI had the added goal of reining in the Irish Mafia's operations. For her part, Daisy extended her gratitude to Aurelio and his partner Sophie for saving her life as well as that of her teammate's and asked if there was anything she could do to help them. In response, Aurelio left her with a rather nondescript business card from the Rehabilitation Branch and a friendly instruction worded as a suggestion to call the number on the card should she find herself out of a job.

Aurelio's words would prove to be prophetic, as a few days after returning to her job, she was suddenly laid off on the grounds of concerns about her mental competency to be able to continue working in the FBI. Crestfallen, she returned to the family farm in North Carolina for some time to de-stress and sort out her thoughts. She had been home for about a month before remembering the card Aurelio had left her, and so she called the number and was quickly given instructions on what would be happening in the following days. Soon after she made the call, a letter of acceptance and employment from the Rehabilitation Branch in Los Angeles arrived in the mail with a notice that they expected her within roughly a week's time. When she announced her new offer of employment at the family table, her brothers and her parents encouraged her to go for it, and she was soon packing her things into luggage that would take up the rear seat of her 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS. Then, on the night before Daisy left for California, her father gave her one last thing to take along with her-- A Colt M1911A1 .45-caliber pistol, the same one her grandfather had used when fighting the Nazis in WWII. The trusty .45 had kept her grandfather safe in Europe, and then kept her father safe as a grunt in Vietnam. Now, it was Daisy's turn to carry the weapon as both a good luck charm and a defensive weapon while living in Los Angeles.

A few days later, Daisy accompanied Aurelio and Sophie into the inner workings of the Rehabilitation Branch, introducing the country girl into an entirely new world where things were not what they seemed. It didn't take long for Daisy to learn the secret behind Sophie's superhuman ability and what lurked inside her and the other girls and boys who were like her. She soon learned that the Rehabilitation Branch had been working off of the same information she had been putting together for months, and that her efforts had given them what they had needed to accomplish their objectives in regards to counterterrorism. At the end of the tour, Aurelio told her they were in need of an intelligence analyst to help them with their efforts against the IRA and that Daisy fit the bill for the kind of person they needed. Sensing she had nothing to lose by joining them, Daisy agreed to work with the Rehabilitation Branch, and she wasted no time getting settled into her new role.

Personality: By all accounts, Daisy is generally a very sweet person with an outgoing personality, with a smidgen of ditziness. Since joining the Rehabilitation Branch, Daisy still occasionally gets lost finding her way around (despite having worked there for little over a year now), especially when getting carried away in her own thoughts or in conversations with others she meets along the way. Despite this, Daisy remains a much-liked figure at the Branch due to her efficiency in sorting intelligence from human and electronic assets in a timely manner as well as her overall tendency to greet everyone with a smile and a sunny demeanor. Ever since learning of the purpose behind girls like Sophie, she has taken a shine to them, with a tendency to dote over them like an older sister.

Daisy's personality also bears an underlying tomboyishness, a byproduct of being raised on a farm with three elder brothers and growing up in a family that shoots together. Daisy is not a woman overly concerned with appearances, as demonstrated by her relatively relaxed approach to dress and/or makeup (if applicable). Her rural roots do somewhat place her out-of-sync with city life, and living in California as someone who was raised with firearms in the house has made her bewildered as to why a state with such nice weather would be so immensely restrictive on firearm ownership.

Though Daisy is something of a country bumpkin and a relatively soft-hearted person, she isn't completely naive; if a homeless person asks if she can spare any money, she instead chooses to buy a meal for them and then send them on their way, a procedure learned while living in Philadelphia. While she bears no ill will whatsoever towards the less fortunate, Daisy's parents raised her to be aware of those who would take advantage of her kindness, and living in the city of brotherly love for a few years quickly taught her that, particularly due to one occasion where a homeless man with a particularly heart-rending sob story conned her out of what she had budgeted to spend on lunch that day. Since moving to Los Angeles and starting her career at the Rehabilitation Branch, Daisy has grown a little more street-smart, but compassion for her fellow man still remains intact.

Operational History: FBI Counterterrorism Division [Late 2007-Early 2010]


LBT 6094 Modular Plate Carrier
The Rehabilitation Branch [Discussion Thread] - Page 3 LBT-6094C_BLACK_zps2dac0543

A fairly common piece of gear, Daisy's Plate Carrier is typically stashed in the trunk of her Camaro, reserved primarily for situations that require her to assist RB personnel out in the field who need additional backup. In addition to two standard front and back ballistic plates, Daisy's vest also bears four dual-magazine MOLLE pouches that carry a total of eight 30-round STANAG magazines for her trunk gun on the front side of her vest plus a pair of additional pistol magazine pouches for her 1911.

Colt M4A1
The Rehabilitation Branch [Discussion Thread] - Page 3 DSC_1237_edited-1

An Agency-issue M4A1, kitted out to Daisy's liking. Has the added modifications of a MagPul CTR collapsible stock, MS3 multi-mission sling, 30-round PMAG magazines and AFG-1 forward grip, Daniel Defense rail system, and an EOTech XPS Holographic Weapon Sight plus Magnifier (not pictured). Daisy grew up shooting an AR-15 on the family farm, and used one while in the FBI, but tends to treat the full-auto feature on her M4 more as a novelty than a necessity, primarily due to being used to shooting semi-automatic firearms.

Colt M1911A1
The Rehabilitation Branch [Discussion Thread] - Page 3 M1911_and_M1911A1_pistols
(Pistol on bottom)
An original, World War 2-vintage Colt M1911A1 .45 ACP handgun, lovingly maintained, reconditioned, and fired over several decades. Daisy's sidearm is something of a family heirloom, having first been carried by her grandfather in World War II while deployed in Europe to fight the forces of Nazi Germany. He brought the handgun back home, where it stayed, occasionally brought out for target practice until Daisy's father was deployed to Vietnam. Managing to get through that war alive and intact and still bring the weapon home, this same pistol was given a thorough reconditioning by an experienced gunsmith before being stored away for some time again. The next time the pistol was fired was when Daisy's older brothers were of age to fire the weapon during target practice on the family farm, however the boys complained that seven rounds of ammo per magazine wasn't enough to satisfy their liking, and gravitated towards 9mm Berettas and .40-caliber Smith and Wesson pistols when some of them went into military or police service. However, Daisy grew to like the pistol even though her initial forays in shooting a .45 threw her for a loop, and she often shot it every chance she got when visiting the farm on her time off from work in the FBI. Her father had seen that his only daughter truly cared and loved the trusty .45, and so upon her posting to Los Angeles, he made the decision to pass on what had quickly become a family heirloom to his youngest child. The Colt has since become the weapon Daisy carries every day wherever she goes.

Currently, Daisy carries her family's M1911A1 in a concealed Milt Sparks #1 Heritage IWB holster alongside two spare magazines. Despite the age of the handgun, she is able to carry it on an everyday basis, as the weapon has been well-maintained and properly stored to avoid corrosion over the years.


1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS